Affordable vacation

Way back in the Philippines, I met girls in the cafe where I used to chat to my husband. Those girls were also chatting with their boyfriend, and we became good friends even we already living abroad. Most of them live in United States, since we are no longer living in Philippines, we communicate through social online site. Some times, we have a group chat and we are always update to one another, uploading pictures or through their profiles status.

Just this morning, one of them put a Happy Icon as her status, and I was so curious and chatted with her. I learned why she so happy because they will have vacation again. I noticed they had few vacations already. I was joking with her when I said that ” She is rich because she can afford to have vacation often ” she just laughed at me, and said we just avail the orbitz coupons that´s why we vacation often just this year. She said, the company has a very affordable offer that they can´t say NO to it.

I asked her about the site, and I will try to find if maybe I will get some good deal likes she had since summer is one month to go, so it will be good to have a short summer vacation with my family. We chatted short, since she needs to prepare for their vacation. How about you? Do you have plan to go for a short vacation this summer?

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