Pancit Canton

This morning, I went to Asian shop to buy some Filipino food. I bought green mango and veggies and pancit canton. I bought ten pancit canton since I love it. Early in the evening the husband told me that he will make the dinner, but when I put Camilla to bed he joined us and when Camilla sleeping, I can hear the husband started to snores. Haha. I guess he is sleeping too, so I didn´t bothered to wake him up instead I went to the kitchen and cook myself two packs of pancit canton and egg for my late dinner.The husband is still sleeping now and will continue sleeping so he didn´t eat any dinner. I´m linking this to

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11 Responses to “Pancit Canton”

  1. that looks so delish Momi Shy :-) I miss eating pancit canton too :-) Returning from Yummy Sunday. I also followed your networkedblog and like your FB page, is it ok if I add you in my blogroll list too, hope you will do the same too.

  2. Tito Eric says:

    A tasty treat for yourself, I’m sure :)

  3. i love it.. Lucky Me!! :D

  4. wenn says:

    simple yet yummy!

  5. Gagay says:

    oh my oh my! this reminds me of my college days..hahaha…

    dropping by, from YS! :)

  6. Pinx says:

    haven’t eaten pancit canton for a while now. pero ang nilung-ag itlog.. always! hahaha! bpc hop here shy!

  7. Pinx says:

    ooppsss…di mao akong link..this one na ang tama.

  8. emzkie says:


    BPC hop!

  9. Leah H. says:

    Simple yet filling..

    Visiting for Yummy Sunday- hope you can stop by:)

  10. amiableamy says:

    Oh my my…got an idea… i will have a hard boiled egg now… hehehe…makes me want to eat that asap…im hungry!

  11. cheerful says:

    yummy! fave ko lucky me kaso wala dito, now i am loving mi goreng instant noodles with fried egg on top, ginutom mo ako sis, parang gusto ko tuloy magluto. hehehe! visiting late from last week’s YS, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)

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