Homemade cake

This is a super late post due to my laziness mood and then my school has started and I never had time to start with this post and it has been in the draft for few weeks.


Anyway, during my husband´s birthday I made him a homemade cake, it was a bit stressful when I made it since I only have short time. I was almost finish when I received a call from my husband telling me that he will be home in a few minutes, since I was not finish with his surprise birthday cake I asked him to buy rice and other food staffs in the Asian store so he will be delay to come home. I made sure that he will be home after I finish the cake and put in the fridge. And it did happened which made me feel very happy. His gift was ready to be given also, Camilla and I bought it for him.

I was so glad that he loves our gift and the cake I made for him. I know my husband deserves it. He is very loving husband to me and a very good dad to Camilla. I am so thankful to him for what he did to my life and most of all for being so good husband to me.

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White Birthday Cake

When I started living with my husband here, I discovered few things about me, and one of it, is I love to bake and design a cake. And when I am free I love to bake anything. I always try to bake specially when there is a special occasion likes for example birthday. So when husband had his birthday I bake his cake. It is strawberry and vanilla cream cake as you can see in the picture. I used whipped cream and cacao powder to decorate it. As usual, husband loves the cake, it made me happy when he said that. Btw, the written in the cake is in Swedish which means ” Congratulation Peter ” here instead of saying ” Happy Birthday ” you will say ” Congratulation ” which I found a bit strange but I started use to it because that´s how they great a ” Happy Birthday ” here.

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